Adv. Yair Seindlis

Adv. Yair Seindlis


קבלת רישיון שנת 2011
LLB - 2009
B.A in Political Science & International Relations

Area(s) of practice

Civil and commercial litigation
Dispute resolution

Adv. Seindlis main areas of practice are commercial and civil litigation, mediation and arbitration. Adv. Seindlis is specializing in array of practices in the field of commercial and civil legal disputes. Among his areas of expertise are the fields of Contracts, Corporate Law, Banking Law, Cooperative Societies, Representation of developers and contractors, Real Estate disputes, and highly complex financial disputes.

Adv. Seindlis has vast experience in representation of clients before various instances, as well as in Arbitration and Mediation proceedings.

In addition to his professional activity in the firm, Adv. Seindlis acts as pro-bono legal advisor of Hama (Israel) Humans & Animals in Mutual Assistance Ltd (Cc)

Born in Israel, Yair is fluent in both Hebrew and English.